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Rockaholics Anonymous, Utah 4x4 Club and Canyon Country 4x4 Club are sponsoring the Utah 4 Wheek Drive Winter Convention Friday, January 23 & Saturday, January 24, 2009. Friday registration and trail line-ups will begin at 8:00 am with rollout at 9:30 am. Saturday registration and trail line-ups will begin at 6:30am at the Washington County Fair Park. The Maze trail will have an 8:00 am Drivers meeting with an 8:30 am rollout. ALL OTHER TRAILS will have an 8:30 am drivers meeting with a 9:00 am rollout. All final registrations are 30 minutes prior to rollout.
The Washington County Fair Park is located at 5500 West and 700 South in Hurricane Utah. The phone number for the Fair Park is (435) 652-4000. Rochaholics Anonymous, Utah 4x4 Club and Canyon Country 4x4 Club members will lead groups on eight or more local trails ranging from a scenic dirt road (2 rating) to hardcore trails (5+ rating). Following the trail rides on Saturday, we will have a special raffle thanks to Rochaholics Anonymous, Utah 4x4 Club and Canyon Country 4x4 Club members and their sponsors.

Saturday Dinner available!  $15 for adults and $7.50 for children for anyone that pre registers. If pre register, you will have two weeks to cancel your dinner. If you do not pre register the dinner will be $20 for Adults and $10 for children.

Huge Raffle! Tickets $10 each, seven tickets for $50 and 15 tickets for $100.

You must complete and sign this waiver before participating in the event. Please bring this completed form to the event.

Trail Details

All trails rated on the 1-5 scale. Trail space is limited so register today! Be sure to review the vehicle requirements and trail rating information to ensure you and those with you have a good time on the trail.

Honeymoon Trail: Rated 2
Steep and narrow trail with off camber sections. This is a really scenic drive that gets you out and away from the town and gives you the chance to see southern Utah's majestic views and landscapes.

Sliplock Gulch: 3 w/ 3+ and 4 options
Trail begins with a run thru some sand dunes. Highlights: Three waterfalls with the second being the most treacherous. A series of cracks and climbs to negotiate. Most obstacles have a bypass. Possible hot tub at end if time allows. Finish on Johnny’s trail if time and weather permits.Fault Line (depending on weather conditions),

West Rim, Rock Garden: 3 1/2+
This one will be the most popular and has lots of slick rock, limit on group size. Some nice challenges up the Fault Line Trail. Then West Rim Trail w/obstacles, ending with even more good obstacles at the Rock Garden. Bypasses for most of the difficult obstacles.

Milt's Mile: 3 to 3 1/2 Fee Area, Flags required
Challenging run with some tough obstacles, some obstacles have a bypass. Trail ends at the sand dunes. Nice views of Pine Valley Mountain, Sand Hollow Reservoir.

The Maze: 4+
Similar to West Rim but more of a challenge. Lots of Steep descents and climbs, and off camber situations. Usually have at least one break down. Will do the first half, and if time allows the second half(rarely ran). NO Bypasses.

Warner Valley: 4+ possible 4 1/2
A series of short trails with challenging obstacles being the focus. Start at Washington Dam towards Warner Valley. Will do as many as time allows. Ends back at Washington Dam.

John's Trail: Rated 4                                                                                   This is a 4 rated trail with 4+ and 5 optional obsticles. There are off camber sections and really soft sand in spots. This trail is one obstacle after another and will really test your suspension. Body damage and rollovers are possible. This is definitely no Sunday drive.

Buggy Trail 5+, 10 buggies only (One tough trail)
The first 10 Buggies to sign up get first shot, if the trail leader does not approve your vehicle it will not be allowed on the trail.

To register: Click